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Last Entry

Posted on 2008.12.26 at 19:51

It's been a good 3 years or so here but I've decided to make this my last entry. I've got no energy to regularly blog my personal life and also, this blog's purpose is pointless already.  If you've been regularly following this, I'd like to say thank you for the patience of actually taking the time to read my rants and all nonsensical stuff that I have been posting.

this blog will not be deleted but will remain in cyberspace untouched. I don't know if I'll be moving to a new space as I'm preoccupied with other important matters already. But if I do, you'll just know.

Ciao all.


Something to look forward at EDSA

Posted on 2008.12.21 at 00:39
If billboards like these are all over EDSA...

(David Cook's Skechers ad)

who cares if there's super duper Christmas traffic, 'no?

yay! yay! yay!

Posted on 2008.12.17 at 00:20

First of all, thank you so much, Dennis Celestial for this early Christmas present...

earrings with religious images just in time for Christmas. So fasyon. So lovely. Seen something like this? Bet you haven't! I ought to go to Church one time wearing these, huh?

And I gotta love Filbert Kung as well trusting me and my forever impromptuness if I could be a makeup artist for his shoot with Bryanboy. (impromptu, but hey, we gotta be super maabilidad all the time and make do with what we all have). We had to scramble with what we have and still deliver well, whatever happens, whatever we might have.

Here we are after the shoot for a quick dinner before we go.

Details coming soon. :) I love my top. It has been sitting in my closet for as long as I could remember. I'm supposed to have it beaded pero hindi matapos-tapos. Nakakatamad eh. but I wore it partially beaded. My mom saw it among my clutter so nisama sa laundry and I saw it hanging in my closed washed and neatly pressed. It's like it's screaming to me, "PARANG AWA MO NA ISUOT MO NA KO!" I haven't worn Dennis's earrings yet here but I'm wearing them now!

You are so beautiful to meeee.....

Posted on 2008.12.08 at 17:43

I love you and I will see you again soon...

I've always loved San Francisco. Last time I was there was in '01 and I've had wonderful memories of Napa, Macy's Monterey, and every single place there. There's the beach, there's the salty air, there's the Pier with the novelty shops, there's getting my major workout walking up and downhill and riding the cable car. I love how nostalgic San Francisco will be and that would be the only place in California that I'll love... Okay maybe I'll settle for the neighboring cities and just drive over to SFO or take the BART and just walk around San Francisco.

As for now, I'm settling for SanFo Treats in Glorietta to get my taste of the Bay Area....

But hey.... I really wish that my papers get fixed so I could stay there and live the life I had 10 years ago... :)

ang hirap maging amerikano

Posted on 2008.12.08 at 00:46
i have 100+++ questions to memorize about civics and eklat about the United States of America. Ano ba yan! Eh kaibigan kong Amerikano nga hindi alam kung ano ung silbi ng stars sa American flag dun na nga sya pinanganak at lumaki ako pa kaya! On top of that, there's a lot of paperwork and an interview. Potek! Nakakaihi makipagusap sa mga yun! If life in Manila were not so difficult, hindi ko pagtyatyagaan ang prosesong ito... and how crappy it's turning out already, wala na ako rason magstay. Imagine, a face alone in the US, the standard charge is 100 dollars. FACE LANG YUN! Bakit pa ako mananatili sa pinas na kukuriputin ka ng bongga? Akin na nga yan reviewer na yan! Surely I'll miss my friends here, pero potcha oras na magswimming ako ng pera dun (and according to my MuA friends who are there, despite the crisis, okay pa rin ang buhay dun kahit papano, they could still manage. Astig yun ah, may crisis na nga nagagawa pa ng mga tao na lumandi). nagmahal na nga ang citizenship fee potek! To states or not to states?

To States!

Kahit mahirap ang proseso, mas mahirap dito. Kaya yan. Go lang!

you're vile

Posted on 2008.11.07 at 14:18
i cant believe what you did

i trusted you

i had this great image of you that collapsed right before my very eyes

and i was the last to know about it.

and you dare say you're innocent. lying in between your gritted teeth.

how could you?

you're a con artist.

ilan na kami nabiktima mo? ilan kami pinaasa mo only to take credit for everything and get every reward....

i should have known earlier...

beachtime in october

Posted on 2008.10.16 at 12:29

not just one beach but two beaches! everytime i see a frolicky calm ocean, all i want to do is chuck in and dive. im very fortunate to have a job that gives me the opportunity to travel. in a span of less than a year i've been to four beaches and although i didn't take a dip, i at least set foot on the shore. I cannot let my day in a beach leave without my foot in the ocean.

anyway, i had a 2-day shoot at punta fuego and tali beach and i just got home last night literally pagod but happy. despite the rains last tuesday morning, wednesday was such a sunny day i got home with a sunkissed glow and dried-up blisters and three new wounds because my legs kept getting beaten by the waves. :P

So meeting place was Seattle's Best in Festival Mall in Alabang by 10:00 am. I decided to hitch na lang with my sister since I was bringing heavy luggage and wait it out in SBC, prolly having a heavy breakfast. Prior to that day, i was armed with medicine, swimwear, and all my supplied needed. When Tony, our photographer told me they were on their way from Trinoma, I popped a meclizine hydrochloride to avoid potential moving car sickness.

Tony came at that time and I  got strawberry soda on the way out and he got us yummy oatmeal cookies. I met the other photographer, Joey, and the models Joy and Wheng. We passed by a market to get fresh tilapia (meaning the tilapia was fresh, alive, and kicking when bought), KFC chicken, and lots of Pringles to munch on. I was chatting with the models as well and reading the magazines and books Tony brought. Coincidentally, the models are also finalists in the now-defunct Philippines Next Top Model, a show I frequented and became my Tuesday ritual making me go home early from work then -screw all OT's but nothing can come in between me and that show.

We arrived at Tali Beach at like 2 in the afternoon and I did their makeup. I gave them metallic eye looks, since it was nearing sunset. We had a late lunch of adobo and rice and the other model, Mimi arrived with her friends. We got to the beach after I finished their makeup and they proceded shooting.

Since the sun was not up (dayum heavy rains) and it was hella cloudy.  The crew had to make use of lights, gels, and strobes. The beach was beautiful in a sense that it had a lot of character and texture. It was kinda rocky when we swam in it. I got injured though on my thigh but good thing i had medicine for that. We had dinner at Tony's place in Tali Beach of adobo and fresh tilapia then we went to Punta Fuego where we retired for the night. After I showered, I was too pooped to go to the afterparty so I kinda like fell asleep since I had to wake up early to check on the brushes I washed.

Then morning came and I was really psyched that the sun  was up and shining and since the place was beautiful, I took some pictures after I took a bath and set up my stuff and waited for the rest of the crew to get ready.

After breakfast, I did the girls' makeup. It was then when I discovered where I met Wheng first. We met in the Ross Capili photoworkshop held months ago. I was one of the makeup artists while Wheng was one of the models. We weren't able to interact much because I was busy with my model and she had another MuA. It was also the day I got sick since I had back-to-back shoots and my body had not yet adjusted to that kind of busy lifestyle.

So we got to the beach in punta fuego. I forgot the name but it looked amazing. The beach was just too rocky and the waves were pounding. But the sun was up and wonderful i was able to bake myself in a sunkissed glow and a slight tan line/.

Just wished for more sun. The shoot was hella fun though. After the shoot, Wheng couldnt resist the ocean so she dove in and swam big waves and all. We all joined in but we had to go up because it was raining. We got back to the house where we had a late lunch of barbecue, korean beef, instant noodles, and rice. After resting, the photographers decided to enjoy the rest of the shoot day na lang by a swim since there would be no chance for sunlight. We got to the long beach which was a quieter, sandy beach with endless sand, still waters, and hardly any people!

Then, since the models were so gorgeous, they continued the shoot here but without the sunset. Since very little makeup was needed and I used waterproof makeup mostly, the girls were gorgeous yet natural. :) By 4:30 we were heading the showers and packing up our stuff to go home.
We left Punta Fuego at around 6 pm and then passed by Max's tagaytay for dinner. Canijustsay that I never ate Crispy Pata in my entire life but Max's was orgasmic level! I just had to stop myself from eating since I'll be having a pshoot in two days and I need to lose all what I ate from the food trip.

Overall, I had a lot of fun. :) Great beach, great people. great food (!!!), and great fun. wouldnt mind staying longer and the sun to be up to fry us all. :)



Posted on 2008.10.05 at 12:10

I'm actually here right now at home waiting for a client to come at 2:00 pm. Yesterday was really full for me. I started my day at 4:00 am since I needed to get to Lana's at 5:45 so I could do her makeup for her graduation. Then after, that, I rested a bit so I could be at a debut by 2 pm since I needed to do makeup for a debut. Canijustsay how tiring it was pala! No wonder debut and wedding makeup cost so much! Pero okay lang. the client's pretty and she really liked my job. I can say I like doing debuts more than weddings because I could get to play with the colors more. :)

I haven't gone into blogging here in my personal blog. practically my mind's been filled to the brim with activities for my other two blogs. I do have lots of stuff planned for those as well. Wala lang... plus I really like learning a lot of new stuff.

I'll be leaving next next week to go to tali beach for a shoot. I'm pretty excited and I sure hope mother nature cooperates and does not rain. I really hate it when it rains. Parang ang sad.


dealing with muas and photographers

Posted on 2008.09.29 at 22:24
in my year as a professional makeup artist, i've had my share of bad clients, good clients, great collaborations, and some well that are okay. i''ve also had some that are a total waste of time and product, and also some that never were. anyway, here are my observations that i'd like to jot down.

Utang na loob, makeup artist ako, hindi geographer. wala akong car, so pwede ba ayoko umikot-ikot sa metro dahil sa malabong directions. if di mo kaya magbigay ng directions, pick me up somewhere! At kung magbigay ng directions, siguraduhing tama ha. Wag yung magtatanong-tanong kami kung kani-kanino. peste!

Wag "sked next week" tas when next week comes super MIA tas cancel. Even if we're freelance, we also got our own schedules so wag makipagpatintero sa schedule namin. Wag maging pasaway. Utang na loob. Nakakahaggard. Tigilan ang pagbabackout and rescheduling ng madalas. Walang rewards ang frequency points yan.

Wag paprimadonna pag paid. Wag magpalabo ng schedule, wag magtaray, at maging maayos kausap. Wag abusuhin ang saying na "The Customer is Always Right". Pag ang artist na-haggard, grabe magalit.

Freelance means we have our own time, not that we don't do anything. It's 10x harder to set schedules on a freelance artist because we also have commitments and unpredictable schedules. When we set something, final yun. Don't completely presume na I'll be there on the double and I can switch things around with the snap of my finger because I can't. Inasmuch as I would want to do all things, I can't.


You want airbrush? You pay for airbrush makeup. Why are makeup artists expensive, especially the good ones? Because they invested on a good makeup school, have topnotch products, and have invested on photoshoots and have beefed up their portfolio. Plus gas and transportation is expensive. Hindi namin kaya i-MRT ang gamit namin. Cab talaga. Cheaper na nga yun than car eh.  
Hindi kami huthutera when we ask for kit fee or when we start charging, especially for avante garde photoshoots. Tipo "I want high-end products pero I want super tawad!" Aba sinuswerte! Ano kala nyo sa makeup artist? palengke??!?!?!

This goes within people in the industry. Walang sulutan ng raket. Don't offer a big discount because you can afford to when a client inquires with a makeup artist who charges. Pwede ba? Wait for someone to notice you rather than getting gigs like a scavenger. Walang bastusan. Walang agawan ng raket. Or walang asaran by grabbing someone else's job. It's like stealing another photographer's light. And vowing your entire life for  a person's downfall? TIGILAN NA ANG DRAMA PWEDE BA?! Advice ko lang: Kung gusto mo manotice ka, wag ka magpabagsak ng iba because you're just wasting time. And tigilan na ang paawa effect please. It just goes to show how pathetic you are!

kung gusto nyo ng blind item ay message nyo ko!

In Full Force

Posted on 2008.09.23 at 16:20
Princess Feels: aggresive


Vivienne (SPOKEN)
Maybe Warner saw a blonde who was sleeping her way to the top, but I see a woman who doesn't have to.
I used to pray for the day you'd leave
swore up and down you did not belong,
but when I'm wrong then I say I'm wrong,
and I was wrong about you.
So Listen up!

I see no end to what you'll achieve,
that's only if you don't turn and run.
You've proved it to me now show everyone what you can do,
and you look great in dark blue.

Get back in the game, (Oooh)
back on the case, (Oooh)
take a good look at my face. (Oooh)
I'm not a fool, (Oooh)
and as a rule, (Oooh)
I do not Bond. (Never known her to Bond!)

But I see a star! (Ooh sha'la la)
You're my new muse, (Ooh sha'la la)
you've got the best friggin shoes. (Ooh sha'la la. Oooh)

Vivienne and Ensemble:
And you lit a fuse,
so go show 'em who's,
Legally Blonde.

Yes you lit a fuse,
so go show 'em who's,

Elle: (SPOKEN)
Sorry Vivenne, I'm never wearing that again.

Paulette: (SPOKEN)
Elle, honey, you're in the supply closet!

Elle: (SPOKEN)I know! I said I'm never wearing THAT again... I'm wearing THIS!
Back in the game, (Yes!)
back to the trial, (Yes!)
but I'm going back my style. (Back in her style)

Girls it's a fact, (Yes!)
When you're attacked, (Yes!)
Gotta respond! (Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta respond)

Hand me my dog, (Dog!)
hand me my bag, (Bag!)
and that American Flag! (Proud to be American!)

Nobody screws, (No?)
nobody who's, (Who?)
Legally Blonde!

Get on your feet 'cause she's Legally Blonde,
take to the street 'cause she's Legally blonde,
there's no retreat when you're Legally Blonde!

Dont be afraid to be legally blonde!
Join the parade cuz shes--

Elle's mom: (spoken)
Honey Look, she's leading a parade!

Elle: (spoken)
Mom and Dad?!

Elle's Mom: (spoken)
Get a picture!

Man: (sung)
Just one more piece cuz she's--

Ensemble: (sung)
Legally Blonde!

Man: (spoken)
Everyone say cheese!

Mom: (spoken)
No! say legally blonde!

All: (spoken)
Legally Blonde!

cuz shes legally blonde!
cuz shes legally blonde!
cuz shes legally blonde!

Delta Nu Girls: (spoken)
Omigod, ELLE!

Elle: (spoken)
Thanks Greek chorus, but i dont need voices in my head today!

Delta Nu Girls: (spoken)
Honey, its US, the girls from Delta Nu!

we came to see our president be legally blonde!

Ensemble: (sung)
you got a right to be legally blonde!
you gotta fight to be legally blonde!

Kyle: (spoken)
Paulette, ive got another package.

Paulette: (spoken)
Thanks, Kyle B. O'Boyle. Hey, what does the B stand for?

Kyle: (spoken)

(long musical break)

Ensemble: (sung)
Back in the game
back in the break

Brooke: (sung)
Get the hell outta the way!
Mr. you're fired!

Callahan: (spoken)

Brooke: (sung)
Guess who I hired?

Callahan: (spoken)

Brooke: (sung)
To represent me
You gotta be LEGALLY BLONDE!

Ensemble: (sung)(several times)
Legally Blonde oh yeah!

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